Are Your Music Recommendations Sexy?

Posted by on July 9, 2012

At one point or another we’ve been turned on to the artists and bands we enjoy the most. Some people are better at turning us on in this way. Haven’t you noticed it?

Some suffer from premature recommendation. Oh! if you listen to that, then you’ll like this. Oh! if you like that then you’ll love this. Things get too heavy too fast. It starts stopping before you start starting. Premature recommendation.

Some are promiscuous with their music recommendations. Each band they mention is suddenly their favorite. They lust after each one when the spotlight is shining, straying moments later when another opportunity to rant and rave arrives. Meaningless aural love-making.

And some music recommendations are sexy. At first you’re not even sure where they keep them. But you’ve thought about what they would sound like. By that time, they know just exactly what you want to hear.

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  1. yeah I hope my music recommendations are sexy but I’ll have to ask someone I guess…

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